Walking it out

Life sure seems to have a way of catching up to you. doesn’t it? Above all else, I have to stay focused on who I am, what I believe, and have faith.  I can’t seem to figure things out on my own.  That is probably a very good thing.  I’ve found that I am lacking … More Walking it out


Why is life such a whirlwind of turmoil?  I have been spending a lot of time watching webcasts to help me along my path.  There are some really anointed teachers out there that can truly make the Word of God come alive.  I do it to strength my faith.  Than it’s bam… in your face … More Frustrated

Help me Lord!

There are so many struggles in life.  My flesh is incredibly weak. I feel incredibly weak.  Ever feel like your just fighting this endless battle that can’t be won, no matter how hard you try?  No matter how many hours of prayer, no matter how many hours of searching God’s Word for answers?  Leaning on … More Help me Lord!